• Along its existence, „Nichita Stanescu” National College has undergone a large number of changes,both in its name and in its location. Thus, its first moment of existence was recorded in the school’s history as the Vocational School for Girls (1892), which became The Industrial High School for Girls in 1934. It turned into The Pedagogical School no.2 for nursery school teachers, and since September 1958 it became the „C.I.Parhon” no.6 Mixed Middle School. It kept this name until 1970, when the school’s name changed again into „C.D. Gherea” High School, a school with a large number of grades, both for humanities and exact sciences, a „girls’ high school”, as it was popularly known among youngsters. However, with each passing year, the High School grew in all its components, especially in value-related ones.
  • In 1991, the school received the name of „Nichita Stanescu” Theoretical High School, operating as early as 1970 in its current location, no.3, Nalbei Street, Ploiesti. It provides full-time tuition only, in 29 classes of both humanities (philology and social sciences, with intensive English or French lessons, the second foreign language being German) and exact sciences (Mathematics-Computer Science and Nature Sciences, with intensive Computer Science and English classes, the second foreign language being German or French). Since 1992, there have also been 4 middle school classes of intensive English study, with German or French as second foreign language. 
  • Today, we are known as a college proudly bearing the name of a famous Ploiesti-born Romanian poet (1933), Nichita Stanescu (having passed into universality - 1983) holder of the Herder prize. Although young, our high school, whose development is in full swing, is a lively presence in the world of Ploiesti high schools. It is a high school that was granted the certificate of „European School” in April 2008, an event that marked us in a fortunate way, a high school that obtained the title of „National College” on 1st September 2009.
  • We wish to become a nurturing home for new values, a „family” in which Ploiesti youth will achieve complete education, a modern world-standard school. We have set out on an upgoing road, a path towards improving the education system as a result of the converging actions of three essential elements: students, parents and teaching staff. This is the quality guarantee of everything we perform, of our persistence in achieving our goals, of fulfilling the high school’s slogan: „WITH US...COUNTLESS ACHIEVEMENTS!”

  • „Nichita Stanescu” National College will become a human resources center for the community by training young people with genuine skills in computer operation, communication and the use of internationally spread foreign languages, as a direct answer to the requirements of modern society, which involve shaping youths of value in all fields of social life. We aim at being a landmark of education in the present-day world.
  • “Nichita Stanescu” High School has recorded an ascending evolution during the past few years, both as regards student quality and as regards teaching staff quality. Due to the seriousness and competence with which they have been guided, the students have managed to be successful in national school contests, their success materializing into prizes: 

    Baltaretu Cristian - 3rd prize - (1999 - 2000) - English
    Baicoianu Cristian - 1st prize in Computer Science (2001)
    Ionescu Victor - 1st prize in Computer Science (2006)
    Cuta Andrei - 2nd prize "Info-Educatia" Competition (2006)
    Ionescu Victor - bronze medal - Mathematics (2006)
    Constantinoaia Veronica - participation in the National Mathematics Contest (2006)
    87 prizes and honorable mentions were obtained at district level in 2005-2006: First prize – 2, Second prize – 10, Third prize – 15, honorable mentions – 60. 
  • The graduation percentage has been 100% during the past five years,over 87 % of our students being admitted in state universities and 10% in private universities. The form masters of 12th graders monitor the insertion of high school graduates into the labor market and their admission to higher education levels.
  • The high school admission grade has been growing steadily over the past four years, from 8.68 in 2005 to 8.80 in 2008. 

  • Graduation rate is 100% at national examinations, while the average grade rises above the district and national grades.

  • Former students of our high school have studied or are studying in various universities abroad: 1 in California (Baltaretu Cristian), 3 in the Netherlands (Cosmulescu Vlad, Budeanu Corina, Paraschiv Georgiana), 1 in Spain (Mierlus Alina – University of Barcelona).
  • Our school’s former students are worthy citizens of our country: doctors, teachers (seven of them teach in our high school), working in the Ministry of Education, Research and Innovation, journalists, editors at local television stations, University lecturers, a former and a current ambassador. 

Istrate Cristian - Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Ambasador of Romania in Norway
Trofin Anca - English Professor, PhD - Petroleum and Gas University in Ploiesti
Ciuparu Dragos - Professor Engineer, PhD, Prorector - Petroleum and Gas University in Ploiesti
Sarivan Ligia - French Professor, PhD - University of Bucharest
Ionita Iulian - Professor, PhD - Department of Physics, University of Bucharest
Balasoiu Ana-Maria, Main Researcher, PhD - University of Bucharest and University of Pepignan, France
Petrec Serban - Senior Surgeon, Orthopedics, "Sf. Ioan" Hospital, Bucharest
Manoliu Iulian - Senior Ophtalmologist, Bucharest City Millitary Hospital, Head of the Ophtalmology Clinic
Constantin Mihai Viorel - Deputy Manager - Operational Program for Human Resources Development - Ministry of Education, Research and Inovation
Simona Uta - Radio Romania Newsreels, correspondent for Prahova county